Stool 1 – Test Stool

This did not come about until mid-May, by which time I had almost ten boxes made and a feeling of some competence.  I’d started chiseling out the mortises for stool 0 at full width (as big as the leg diameter, albeit square) and stopped just because I did not want to get past the point of no return on stool 0 if failure was a possibility.

I had an old piece of wide fir lying around, and some scraps from the dump that I’d also used as Octobox pillars (I love getting the re-use) that I could easily rip into legs and cross braces.  I started chiseling out again full width mortises but halfway through that said heck, this is a test, gimme that router.  Then I niced up the edges and poof, I had four rectangles 1 inch+ deep and the shape of the legs.

IMAG0164 IMAG0165


I cut dados in the legs, pinned them through with 3/8 inch dowels, did the same between the braces with another cross brace, and came in from the corner with dowels through the side of the seat to keep the legs affixed.

It came out really strong, I was surprised.  I had avoided most of the real technical challenges.  A very short stool at 20 inches, legs perpendicular so no splaying, a triumph of simplicity and a confidence builder but not really proving much, methinks, so Test Stool 2 enters the picture – see subsequent post.

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