Great Swan Gourds and other stories

This post really could be also be called mid-September backyard walkabout as well, but that headline (month/backyard) was getting a little tired.  As previously a lot of working for a dollar has interrupted the life of country gentleman wannabe.  Desiring always though to be close to the beauty and wonder of growing things, this update.

First, I had done a wave of re-potting a few weeks ago.  This trend cannot go on forever, as things get too big to manage, but for this season it looks like the most of the status quo can be maintained.  The macadamia sapling previously reported upon liked it’s upgrade very much and responded by swapping it’s dead crown for a triune substitute.  This is a very heartening thing, no doubt with mystical significance.



The encephalartos horridus of previous mention continues to unfold.



The lulos continue to make beautiful leaves.  If anyone knows what makes them want to flower do tell.  I know when I bring them in that the leaves are aphid-bait deluxe.  Last winter I was barely successful in getting them through and this winter I will fight the good fight but I’d sure love a little flowering.



The cannibal tomatoes approach ripeness.



A green tree agate sits quietly



Baby pumpkins nap



Autumn approaches, weeds and Korean dogwoods show fruit.





Hollies get their berries.


and to get to the title, saved for last, great swan gourds – as in “Great Swan Gourds, Batman, the Joker has really grown a vegetable here” – ripen.



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