Neglecta at Dancing Feet of Ganesha

Notice his dancing feet.

Neglecta at Dancing Feet of Ganesha

So here is the story.  It’s kind of an immovable object meets irresistible force story, at least in the land of magical realism in which I live.  For a long time I’ve had a holy grail of sorts, spoken of in detail here, of being able to grow a Eucalyptus that would survive the cold New England winter north of Boston.  Last year, in 2012, I had gotten two batches of Eucalyptus Neglecta, supposedly the most cold-hardy Eucalyptus, and the seeds being supposedly of Tasmanian provenance, making them in theory the hardiest.  Three of these plants came through last year inside and now one of them I deem ready for a field trial.  The best experience I had previously was where one lived outside until February when a brutal snap of cold came.

To enlist the most auspicious of circumstances however I have gone an extra mile.  In my backyard I have an herb garden with a statue of a dancing Ganesh.  It has been there for many years and this little garden is the ‘Ganesh Garden’ – it is the most sheltered one I have, nestled on the south side of the house, and it is strewn with rocks and shells from around the world.  Ganesh is regarded by Hindus as the Lord of Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles.  So be it then I say – this Eucalyptus is placed under his power.  Behold Ganesh in his garden –


The eucalyptus to be entrusted to him


and two views of the plant taking it’s place for this exercise.  There is even a sacrificial melon.

Neglecta at Dancing Feet of Ganesha 2 Neglecta at Dancing Feet of Ganesha 3

Now who shall know what such a thing means, regardless of how things turn out?.  False cause is at the heart of magical realism, and to perpetuate the myth one need create circumstances where true causes cannot be known.  This in turn engenders belief, which in turn engenders possibility.

Thrive Neglecta, thrive at the dancing feet of Ganesha!

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