Box 14 – Humble Pinned Fingers

Humble wood too, pine and cedar.  The pins are walnut, but that’s really just for contrast, not for fancy.

This box does attempt to be fine in any way, just wants to knock out two ideas with one test, namely the humble fingers bit, opposite of proud, not jutting out, smoothed together as well pinned fingers.  The latter were attractive to me inasmuch as they would seem to possess some mechanical superiority to simple finger joints, being inclined not to pull apart.

Box 14 Humble Fingers 1

I put a groove on the top and lowered the front to use a piece of cedar as a lid.  Went a little thin and the left groove top broke off, but in a test box no biggie.

Box 14 Humble Fingers 3

I like how the pinned fingers look – makes me start to think wooden hinge.

Box 14 Humble Fingers 2a

In the last corner below you see a throw in failure, as I was racing through the execution, which is what I seem to do when a box is just an experiment, I over-rasped some, exposing the pin that I think was too close to the outside anyway.

Box 14 Humble Fingers 4

Nonetheless all to the good.  I like and will re-use the pinned humble finger thing.

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