Pepino Resurgent

When something refuses to die, and not counting Bruce Springsteen’s question ‘Is a dream alive that didn’t die, or is it something worse?’, I usually am impressed.  Tenacity in nature.  One such is the pepino below.


Not speaking of the orange thing either, which never (I sincerely hope) was alive, notice those leaves at 1 o’clock.  Late in the summer of 2012 I planted the seed that became this pepino.  It wintered uneventfully and may have attained 10 leaves before spring 2013 came.  That summer it showed that the stalks really wanted to re-root, and it did so majorly and all of ten stalks arose – no flowers though.  Brought in with the autumn, it throve till March or so – even flowered, but no pollinators were around.  Then the eviscerating bugs got a jump it, those with wings and webs, so I put it outside a few days in April, taking it in at night to protect it from frost.  One night I goofed and it just could not take 30 degrees.  Sure looked dead.  Hard no to believe in this one though, especially knowing it had some very vibrant rooting tendencies, so I watered the dead thing for a few weeks, just until the chance of frost had passed, and out it went.  Not ten days later, up comes the green.

The heroic micro-drama, aye.

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