Subtle working

Ganesh, in the Hindu tradition, is known as the remover of obstacles.  I have a garden for him within which are many exotic stones and plants.  This also is the memorial garden for my father passed almost ten years now.  It’s a chaos of rocks and plants and themes. I want it to be so chock full of disparate elements that new possibilities are created.

Last year I set Ganesh a challenge I thought he had a chance at, described (here).  Well, it was a very cold winter.  It was so cold it killed even some of the mega cold-hardy bamboo I have.  The eucalyptus in question was covered in snow most of the winter and even as the snow receded it looked like it may have made it.

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but that was quite the bit of wishful thinking, like how green a vegetable might look coming out of the freezer before it realizes it’s dead.  The aftermath (aftermath, I like that connotation) of the challenge follows.

Ganesh Teaching

Now the question is whether obstacles were removed.  This may be the subtlety of Ganesh.  I thought that the obstacle to be removed was the seemingly necessary death of this plant staying outside in so cold a winter.  Apparently the obstacle to be removed was my thinking that it would live.  What an effective removal of an obstacle!  A great magic indeed.

Now of course my ignorance is deep and persistent.  I have another such Eucalyptus and I think it fair to believe another winter will come.  Surely it cannot be that death must befall it, surely.  Surely?  We will see, of course.

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