Early Spring 2014 Yard

In Loiusville Kentucky late in August of the year 2000 I remember the thistles as being very large and lush, as thistles go, so much so that I took several clumps of their seeds home.  I scattered them in a wild-ish area and they persist till this day, almost fourteen years later.


Here now are platycodons just emerging.  Note the palette, very subtle and rich

Emerging Platycodon

Another wonder of tone, false indigo arising.

False Indigo


and staying in the the blue green family, hosta, followed by grape hyacinth.


Emerging Hosta

Grape Hyacinth

Here’s another subtle palette picture – baby bamboo shoots – you may have to click on the picture – look carefully, but most of all notice the rich and nuanced tones at the ground.

Bamboo Shoots

Varieties of pink tulip

Tender Petals Pink Tulips


purple tulip and Van Gogh tulip.


Purple TulipVan Gogh Tulips


This pink one is not a rose of Sharon, but the name is escaping me.






Not Rose of Sharon

Chinkapin oak bark and buds

Chinkapin buds



Emerging Peony

Blue spruce buds

Budding Blue Spruce

Plus tubular bells!

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