Lulo Flowers

or – finally!

One can’t be impatient with nature, or if one can’t help it, it’s not really going to help, at the very least.  You may have read my very bumpy tale of Solanaceae, wherein I recount many experiences of growing tomato cousins, many hopes, many bits of education as hopes and realities are vigorously juxtaposed.

Lulo Year 3

Witness this summer, my final surviving lulo, now three years old, has produced flowers.  I am delighted.  I am sincerely inclined to hope for fruit, as to bear fruit is the ultimate culmination, yes, that one seeks.  Maybe I’ve gotten too patient.  I am very happy that it has flowered – no lulo has graced me with such yet.  If it should bear fruit I will count a second delight.  For the moment though I am happy with the progress.  This is a spiny one too.

Lulo Flowers

It’s been a weird summer, hot and dry but then pouring then hot and dry.  Further updates will follow.  All the best to you dear readers.

2 thoughts on “Lulo Flowers

  1. I live in Sweden and grown a lulu naranjilla last year. It’s tiny but beutiful. .. Yesterday I but it in a little bigger pot with new soil. Two of the leafs died…
    I’m in zon 4 and I know it’s not the best climate for this plant but I’m in love with the plant… It’s only about 30 cm high and small leafs only green… Will see how the plant fix this summer. …
    Thanks for your beutiful pictures

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