Delivering business value by automating variable compensation is my major career focus.  In 1995, after almost ten years of corporate operations and progressive software development experience I encountered, in its nascence, the generalized practice of automating variable compensation.  This field or domain has been known as SPM, EIM, ICM, and will surely be known by further names.  I’ve had the privilege of working with many of the founders of the industry and stand comfortably among the most experienced of practitioners.

Most of the boutique consulting houses specializing in this area like to show a page of the logos of all the companies they have helped.  Sure, me too.  Originally I was going to describe the specific solutions delivered and challenges overcome but I think I need preserve client confidentiality.  I can roughly describe solutions to those interested while keeping names protected.

1995 is a long time ago.  My children have grown, the world has changed – yet – some things don’t change so much.  The problem often being solved in variable comp automation is the bringing together of different business constituencies (Sales, HR, Finance, IT), the getting agreement from them on a goal-set, an analysis of technical hurdles of implementation, solution design, and delivery (effective planning, development, testing).  Very basic things once you’ve been through them twenty times.  Sure, there’s the Cloud now, and Java’s not the new kid, but this is a business focus area that is only slowly changing.  Most companies have identified some reasons they want good SPM systems and how those systems contribute to more adaptive capability and results.  They have not, for the most part, quantified the workings of their current SPM Operation or integrated methods that prove the efficacy of their SPM strategy.

For my first eight years in the industry I worked at the domain software leaders of the time, ViComp and Callidus companies in development and in consulting.  Since then I’ve worked independently, taking roles from Solution Architect, Development /Technical Consultant, Delivery Manager, whatever it is that is going to get a given situation over the top.  I relish getting to success, work very hard to ensure getting there, and encourage you to contact me at Paul@PRDevlin.com if there is some capacity in which I can help get you there.

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