What syllable are you seeking?

Vocalisimus, in the distances of sleep?

Speak it.

OK, so that out of the way. This is to share a potato-evoking live oak cutting board. It does not represent dream frontier long sought jewel, at least to my imagination.

The rough draft below. It’s live oak from Florida, a fallen down tree. The density is the noteworthy thing.

Next, each side with shaping, sanding (to 220 grit) and finishing (food safe tung oil and limonene) complete.

And lastly, deployed. Zooming in and examining you’ll notice that little cracks in the wood probably make it not ideal as a cutting board, hard to truly clean. Perhaps a cheese board, or perhaps just not to worry.

Just as in cooking, if you start with good ingredients and do little but let them speak for themselves, the result is positive and natural.

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