Signature Spike

Again here just a tidbit of fun.  Serious-minded folk will recognize that this is so ‘tip of the iceberg’ as far as what can/could be done.  It does represent something though I’d like to revisit.

The basic notion being copied is that woodworkers of yore seemed often to have a stamp with which they made their mark, a signature of sorts, a brand – all that.  Using a railroad spike, a cold punch, a hacksaw, and a hammer a very simple version of such can be fashioned.  For my next try I’d like to have a slightly more articulate array of punches and also I have to say that heat and tempering and all that universe of blacksmithing – it’s a very tempting thing, had one world enough and time.

Pictured are said spike and it’s mark.  Notice of course you have to make it backwards for it to come out forwards.

IMAG0171 IMAG0172 IMAG0174


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