Harvest of Music

Well, kinda a little maybe.  It’s a first instrument now, making sound, it being the fretless three string gourd banjo with a head vaguely evocative of an Asian three toed-sloth appendage.  There are only six million things not right about it, but perhaps several things are close enough to right that it stands at the edge of a recognized genre.

This evening I worked to get the gourd more unwaveringly affixed to the neck, re-did the bridge to make it lower and lighter, worked the grooves by the tuning pegs to try to lower the angle of attack of the strings to the nut, sanded to 220, applied tung oil, tuned it, such as I can (which is barely at all) and made some sounds .

It should be readily clear that those sounds are evidence of little – I may adopt them as a unique ring tone, like the people who have baby going ‘goo goo goo’ as a ring tone, but that’s crazy too.  This is a first attempt too at putting sound out on the web though, so getting that whole pathway painted is good thing too, hardly optimized though it is.

New Bridge

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