Updates 12/31/2013

Dear Readers,

Here are a few updates to close the year. Nothing grand, just an idle pulse of life items.

1.  The Gourds on the great journey.

What a tough go they are having!  I suspect somehow they did not get requisite sunlight during the year and so now miss the magic supposedly caused by its cumulative effects.  Half-rotted, half-frozen – they will be given the time but Vegas is not make odds on them.

And then 5Detail 2


2.  Turkey tracks.

Hordes of wild turkeys have been visiting the yard this winter.  Here their footprints are shown in the snow.  I’ll get a picture or two of the birds themselves in the next go round.

Turkey Tracks


3.  Not dead yet!

The eucalyptus neglecta at the dancing feet of Ganesh.  It’s still alive and we’ve been down to 9 degrees Fahrenheit.  Magical realists everywhere have their fingers crossed.  Picture is a little dark, perhaps you can make out his brass toes in the background.

Before his dancing feet.


4.  Best wishes

To all for a solid and thriving New Year – may your hard work toward your noble purposes bear great fruit.

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