Painting that falls off the wall

This one keeps falling off the wall, not sure if it’s just that I’m not serious enough about hanging it or if I’m being sent a message and I refuse to hear it.  The photo is poor – I’ll upgrade that when I find my good camera.

Flower in Big Picture

One of the reasons it falls is that it seems to want to curl some, even though it’s Utrecht Canvas Panel.  Another is cheap tape.

What I like, what will be seen in the upgraded picture, is the wealth of things that are happening in the sky, from foreground storminess and water in the air, to spectral hues in the background suggesting advancing or declining light.  The flower itself is a much repeated theme of mine, I have no idea what it is to mean, except that perhaps it wants to be a sun, or, in more ambiguous cases like this (flower) could well be, and the plant itself could be headless – or even more wildly, that there might be a connection.  Here the presence of the flower slightly below the horizon makes that unlikely, not that we know that the horizon does not contain a dip exactly conforming the the shape of the sunflower.

Enough for the moment, will revisit with better photo.

…^^^ – 10 days later.  A second version of the same picture I paste

Detail Flower with Mountains


This should test the resolution of your screen devices.  This first is a cell phone shot, the second from a whomping mondo-mega-pixel Nikon CoolPix P510 (I so have no use for the verbiage that surrounds devices with superior technology – every year it changes and what was great and best becomes passe, becomes lame, sad, comic even, that we thought it was good).  Anyway though, the first picture was not really doing justice to all the artful brush strokes in the sky, the way there is movement of the water, falling more densely in some places and less in others, something we seldom note when in the rain, that it’s all different in different places – it’s much easier to figure it’s all the way it is here, even though it’s just not true.  So there’s lots of weather happening in lots of ways and our friendly cactus flower why, it’s almost as if he’s crossed his ankles and taken a moment to act all quiet and cactus-y but at any moment, perhaps when the raindrops hit or when we stop looking it will again be time to dance.

Maybe that’s why it falls off the wall, in fact, so that to the extent that some dancing is necessary and our conceptions of reality are so fragile and that plants are very thoughtful in helping us maintain non-magical interpretations of the world, at least as best as they can, disregarding the obvious miracles of feeding on air and water and sunlight and soil, and the processes of flower and fruit and seed, why introduce voluntary motion as a variable and ponder the volition of what we so love to deem not sentient.  Gently I will place the picture back on the shelf, out of a direct line of sight, and so complete my duties here.

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