Box 8


Third time pays for all, some say.  Third time you should know something, at the very least, says I.

This third finger box is of red birch, which turns out to be a lovely wood. I had a 3/4 inch board of it leftover from the workbench and I took it down to a scrap over 1/2 inch thick.  On top I made a glue up of mahogany, red birch, and orange osage (the yellow).  I even went 3D with it, must have been a creative biorhythms abounding.  Used 1/4 inch black walnut dowels to pin the fingers.  This is the first one I am delighted with, not because it’s perfect by any means – many many mistakes are still present, but it’s neat.

Box 8 Red Birch Fancy Lid D

Box 8 Red Birch Fancy Lid A

Box 8 Red Birch Fancy Lid BBox 8 Red Birch Fancy Lid C

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