Here’s yet another. I think I need a new category called ‘Repairs’.

Have a close look at how sorely decayed that prior sill. Nigh on hazardous it was. The new one is a nice sturdy piece of red birch. I thought that the piece might be partially under the sides and a pain to extract/insert, but nay, and I know, I should have painted it before I affixed the rubber tread.

The trim on the doorjambs could use a little work too, but functionality first. I must say that too little thought went into this. The sill was spongy and looking to break. Now, when I look up birch on the fabulous wood database, I discover it says of birch “Birch is perishable, and will readily rot and decay if exposed to the elements. The wood is also susceptible to insect attack”. Seems I’m led to believe that I’ll be revisiting this.

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