Simple Platform Bed

The goal here was to make a platform for a twin mattress Design goals of keeping it simple, having it be strong, minimum investment.

As such, starting with a 4 x 8 of of 5/8 inch plywood, cut down to the size of the mattress, and three hemlock 2 x 6, shown above cut, one hemlock 6 x 6, and a sheet of masonite. Below you can observe said 6 x 6 as well as the last pieces of 2 x 6 that gather the load.

To those load gathering cross pieces I affixed the very short looking legs. It’s a tall mattress, is why, the top of which I’d like to have at a height of 25 or so inches.

I’m not sure that it could bear an elephant – in fact, I’m sure it couldn’t – but it would be most uncommon human who could damage it under normal use.

So low, it seems, and terrifying in its simplicity. The chair and stools on the left stood in as saw horses with the help of various scraps.

Low and sleek. I did later cut off the corners, about 2 x 2 x the square root of eight, because the mattress has rounded corners and shin gashes are needless.

And there, you see now it’s the right height.

In humble service, less than $100, 100 yrs > MTBF < 1000 years, or something like that.

Yes, this bed apologizes for not being made before being photographed.

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