Box 13 – Proud Fingers

I’d never heard the word ‘proud’ used to mean ‘sticks out a little bit more than it is supposed to’ before, until I took up carpentry last year.  It’s a usage that provokes some thought – proud is what goes beyond useful.  Hmm.  The corners on this box are proud on purpose, as a decorative element – not sure if that takes the pride out of them – but they need not be ashamed.  It’s so easy to fall into conundrums.

Box 13 Cherry Fingers Redwood Top - A

The lid, which slides in and out on routed grooves, is of redwood.  Redwood with what they call flames.  Notice how they are perpendicular (roughly) to the grain.  I see them as waves of energy moving (when it was alive) within the wood.  I wonder if they do move, if one cut the tree at time X or X + N (where X and N are positive numbers) would the flames be in different places?

Box 13 Cherry Fingers Redwood Top - B

The flames are chatoyant, like tigers eye, with the bright lines changing depending on the angle of view.

Box 13 Cherry Fingers Redwood Top - C


All those fingers really are just a test of a very nice finger jig (Incra) I received for Christmas.  By comparison It certainly exposes the imperfection of my hands.  I think I’ll enjoy using it for those times where a piece is not trying to lean at art but where function is first with a few aesthetics thrown in for good measure.

Box 13 Cherry Fingers Redwood Top - D

My grandfather kept his chess pieces in a wooden box with a lid that slid like this.




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