Bowl 1

Greetings Earthlings!

Bowl 1 Arriving



With a little imagination, for example making yourself tiny, tinier than this, and looking up at it, could it not vaguely be like the vessel in which the war of the worlds creatures arrived in on that surprising day in New Jersey so long ago?  I mean really.

This is a freehand bowl of maple burl replete with many eyes.  Another feature a strangely organic alien space vessel would be replete with.

Bowl 1 Burl


An angle grinder was the enabling tool.  In the previous box 12, that box of so many unrelated themes, I had learned how fabulous a tool such could be for raw free form shaping.  I had this burl sitting around.  (This is the cover story, if you can’t tell).  I learned a lot about finishing.  I sanded till I had blisters.

Bowl 1 Detail


It’s not a very useful bowl, being shallow and perched on three skinny walnut legs.  The wood itself is cool – this is another very pixelful image, clicking on it twice will reveal a universe of detail.  I think the thrust here was to go end to end on a free form bowl and to use a beautiful piece of wood that otherwise I had no way to use unless perhaps I was making a wooden turtle – which did occur to me, really.

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