Bowl 2 – Tineo

Sticking with free form bowls for a moment, I had a piece of tineo lying around.  It’s not endangered.  It’s a South American evergreen.  Very beautiful though.  The last bowl showed me that an angle grinder might be a fine way to make irregular concave things.  All one needs sometimes is an idea.  Indeed, ideas can be deadly.  But here the consequence was merely a bowl, so not too much to fret about.Bowl 2 Tineo 3

A lot of sanding by hand

Bowl 2 Tineo 2

I’ve thought I might make a personal use sized spoon to go with it and self-indulge a little neo-primitive and eat with those things for a while, but an idea like that is right on the line of how far I will go to chase an erstwhile good idea.  Them ideas again.  There’s idiosyncratic, there iconoclastic, but such would not be that far, there’s idiopathic, which is really a fabulous characterization but does not pertain – though it might – there’s probably even ideopathological considerations, but thankfully this is just a bowl.  It tempts me to want to associate it with other thoughts, but maybe that’s the lure of objects, that temptation to connect them to meanings we’d like them to have.

Bowl 2 Tineo 1


Otherwise it has been a very long winter here.  Many half-complete projects await progress.


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