Box 15 – Walnut Knuckles

Another finger joint box – I’ll get off this kick soon enough, but it’s been very satisfactory to be able to produce joints with comparatively few flaws.  This one is all walnut, the lid that Bastogne/Claro kind, and the sides just conventional black walnut.  The floor of it is Spanish cedar from the estate of Ed Brodie, a local woodworker who passed last summer and whose family gave away much wood from his workshop to whomsoever desired.

Box 15 Walnut C

You’ll recall that previously I had called these jutting out fingers ‘proud’, as I was and am still a trifle taken with that carpentry use of the word, but I saw another label of jutting fingers recently, as ‘knuckles’ and I like that one too.  I went with also because I had some tear out when cutting the fingers and to sort of enhance the knuckliness of it I decided to groove where the between finger tear outs were, so very much like the space between fingers and knuckles now there’s a bit of an indent there.

Box 15 Walnut B


No metal parts of course, dowels between the lid and right and left walls to create the hinging.  A little overhang left on the back of the lid so that it opens just a hair past ninety degrees and holds there.

Box 15 Walnut A

The box cries out no special utility – it’s hardly airtight enough to be a humidor.  It’s sturdy enough, perhaps holy hand grenades.

Box 15 Walnut D


In any event a very satisfactory endeavor.

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