Refusing to Die

There is little I love so much, especially when something is so seemingly dead that odds makers look with delight at the prospect of counting it out and taking bets to the contrary, than something that refuses to die.  This eucalyptus, I’m pretty sure it’s a Eucalyptus cneorifolia, the narrow-leafed Eucalyptus from Kangaroo Island off southern Australia, that the aboriginals know as the ‘Isle of the Dead’.

Twice now it’s gone nearly leafless, and it’s not deciduous, due to neglect when I’ve been traveling.  This time I thought it was gone for sure when I got home, having only one completely green and three partially green leaves.  Weeks go by, four of them.  I am pretty much ready to give it up.  Of course I water and examine during these times of final ebbing.

Sacrebleu!  It refuses to die.  Notice the lignotuber, how it is has done it’s part, and also even on the more central branches how new leaves come forth. Clicking on the images will reveal more.

Lignotuber Buds

Maybe ten years ago I’d written a haiku (several, actually, but only one relevant here that I’ll share/(burden you) with.  The idea here was not the wonder of those things that refuse to die, as wondrous as those things are, but more the way trees and things grow –

As this tree rises
unquestioning to the sun
may I also rise

That’s all for the moment, just sharing the bits that otherwise might escape.  All goodness to ye, fair readers.


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